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 September 6: Angel Guidance 

Hello Lovely Lightworkers! My name is Sara! I am a spiritual life & business coach, mind body wellness practitioner, certified angel card reader, earth angel realm reader, angel intuitive, angel therapy counselor, Fairyologist, and reiki master. 

1-on-1 Angel Guidance Sessions and Energy Healing Sessions available this week when you are ready to receive clear communication from the angels about how to manifest abundance, embrace perfect health, and align with your divine life purpose. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to present your specific questions/concerns to the angels and receive accurate messages for you.  

Sending you lots of love and gratitude,
❣ Loving Light ❣
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Card #1: Signs
Pay careful attention to the messages the angels give you now. You have asked for a sign, and they deliver it. Notice and trust these signs!

You’ve asked for heaven to help you. Now it’s up to you to pay attention to the evidence of their help. This card signifies that your angels are trying to get your attention with signs. They might ask a butterfly or bird to fly near you. Or they might compel you to hear a song several
times. They might put an object in your path so that you have to notice it. Drawing this card is also a sign from your angels. They are trying to get through—please notice!

Usually, it’s not a good idea to specify what type of sign you’d like. Leave that up to the angels. They are very good at making their presence known.

Card #2: Serenity
You are moving into a time of greater inner peace and tranquility. Peace of mind means feeling secure, and knowing that you’re always provided for. Even if your logical mind cannot fathom how a challenge could be resolved, peace of mind means that you trust that God will create a miraculous solution. This sort of faith is always warranted because faith is a key component in experiencing such miracles.

By drawing this card, the angels reassure you that peace of mind is within you. You can feel serene, even in the midst of great turmoil. It’s a mistake to think that you have to wait until your life is problem free before you can be happy and peaceful. The opposite is actually true. First, you work toward serenity, and then your life challenges lessen and disappear. Serenity is your natural state of mind, and the angels are now working with you to actualize this.

Card #3: Enchantment
Recapture your childlike sense of wonder and awe. View the world as a magical place.

Remember when you were a child and how magical the world seemed? The sense of enchantment is the spirit of our inner child. Somewhere along the way, did you lose that sense of wonder?

The angels ask you to recapture your magical sense by remembering that a miraculous power surrounds you. Ask God and the angels to help you with anything— small or large. Don’t worry—you aren’t removing angels from “more important” tasks when you ask for their help with everyday situations. They truly want to support you so that you are free of worries. In that way, you exude the joy and wonder of children who trust that they are taken care of. And when you are joyful, your Divine light inspires everyone who sees you.

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09/08/2016 8:17am

I never thought that there would be article about angels that has a special trait with it or the thing that signifies them, I am amazed about these things are created or invented, it really makes my mind think of such incredible things, these traits are really good things, I will share it to my friends and I am sure that they will be amazed of this article.

02/22/2017 12:40am

"Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall." Psalm 55:22. Our life is full of challenges. These challenges makes us stronger once we overcome it. We have to have faith and trust in God. He will always guide us with everything that we will do. Once you give your 100% trust to our Lord then everything fall in it's proper place.

09/20/2016 1:48am

This information gave me thought on giving attention to some signs and having a breath of fresh air, to believe that everything that happens was given as a sign by angels. It is a disguise to lead us to something that we all deserved.

03/25/2017 5:07am

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