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  October 3 Angel Guidance ♡ 
 Wisdom of the Oracle Cards by Colette Baron Reid

Hello Lovely Lightworkers! My name is Sara! I am a spiritual life & business coach, mind body wellness practitioner,  angel intuitive, certified angel card reader, earth angel realm reader, angel therapy counselor, fairyologist, and reiki master. 

1-on-1 Angel Guidance Sessions and Energy Healing Sessions available this week for you to receive personal communication from the angels about how to manifest abundance, embrace perfect health, and align with your divine life purpose. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to present your specific questions/concerns to the angels and receive accurate messages for you.  

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Card #1: Tick-Tock
Essential meanings: Timelessness; Divine timing; immeasurable time.

The Oracle’s message: When humans created time, everything changed and contracted. People have come to look at life in a linear way, imagining that the past is behind them and the future ahead of them. But what if that isn’t true at all? What if everything—creativity, beauty, chaos, and order—were happening now, in a glorious timelessness?

You have all the time in the world to co-create the life you desire, so release your agenda. Let go of your need to shape each moment to your expectations, knowing that what is yours will never be withheld from you. Miracles are here right now and always show up when you need them, right on time.

Relationship message: Love, the fulfillment of desire, and even the body’s reproductive cycles have their own timetable. Some things are preordained and cannot be coerced. Everything has its season, its Divine and appropriate timing, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Remember that you always have enough time for love—to find it, to nurture it, to give and receive it. Its clock is eternal and ticks according to the beating of your heart, in perfect rhythm. Isn’t that wonderful to know? Love is always right on time.
Prosperity message: Your prosperity is co-created by your endeavors as they occur in human-made time and the eternal efforts of your most important manifestation partner—Spirit—in a Divine, measureless time. So keep doing what you’re doing.

Stay positive and make a commitment to remain in high-vibration thoughts and feelings. If you heed the message of this card, it will seem as if you will align with your highest calling and your highest good in no time at all, like magic. So what’s all the fuss about not having enough time? The prosperous life that is yours will never pass you by!     

Protection message: Have you been feeling as if the clock is ticking and gotten a little nervous that your dreams are taking too long to manifest? There is nothing to fear. You will never run out of time for the important things. The miracles that are yours and yours alone can’t be missed. Isn’t that amazing?

You’re in such capable hands, with guides and angels hovering in the invisible spaces, ensuring that your journey will be filled with all sorts of goodies! Let your anxiety be gently dispelled by your faith. Spirit will never deny you your highest good. All is yours in Divine, appropriate timing. You can relax.
Card #2: Peace
Essential Meanings: Freedom from attachment; radical acceptance.

The Oracle’s Message: It does not get any better than this: a quiet mind, a heart fulfilled, freedom from want, and the Soul’s satisfaction. The way to peace is through radical acceptance. Everything in your world is exactly as it should be. Harmony is beautiful. Enjoy it.

Relationship Message: When two people are in true alignment with one another, they have an innate harmony between them. They are as two perfectly tuned instruments playing together. Sometimes it is impossible to tell who is who. Peace is yours, and it is to be savored.

Prosperity Message: This is one of those times when you are capable of clear vision about your work and how you create your prosperity. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. You are called by a Presence to step into your power. Just being is enough, for you are in peaceful harmony with Spirit and it shows in your work.

Protection Message: Now is a time for calmness and well-being in spite of temporary conditions. Even if there are dissonant notes in the music of your life, all that means is that you must go within and fine-tune the extraordinary instrument that you are. Find harmony within yourself, and do not look to the outer world to provide certainty. This, too, shall pass, and once again your life will be filled with beautiful music.
Card #3: Time For A Nap
Essential meanings: Rest, rejuvenation, and renewal; temporary non-action; allowing dreams to arise.

The Oracle’s message: This is a time to step away and rest. Let the cares of your world go. Go into a state of non-action, and allow yourself to be free of the shackles of your goals, your lists, your desires. Nothing is as important as rest, detachment, and neutrality. The overly busy mind can block you from inner wisdom if you don’t step back, take a seat, and rest. Be willing to let dreams surface and ideas flow through you, absent any force or conscious direction, as you observe without engagement now.

Relationship message: When it comes to matters of the heart, don’t make any plans right now. If you’re not partnered, it’s good to take this time out to get to know yourself. If you’re involved with someone, relax and just be with your partner. This is going to be an uneventful moment in time. Don’t force anything now. Allow things to flow naturally, and a beautiful renewal will take place all by itself. Patience is the key to your heart’s desire right now. Withdraw from action in your relationship, and give it a rest so that your love and connection can become rejuvenated.     

Prosperity message: This is a great time to take a break from your busy schedule and allow yourself the opportunity to step back. Your plans are meant to be put on ice. Your goals can wait. Dream, imagine, and let go of attachments to any outcome now. Meditate, and take a holiday if you can. Things will speed up soon enough. After a break, you may want to make some changes. Epiphanies have an amazing way of arising when you take your focus off your to-do list and allow yourself to rest.

Protection message: You are a human being, not a human doing. Is it possible you’re suffering from workaholism? Could you be the one who thinks it’s your job to save everyone; to be there for everyone; and to go, go, go until you can barely see straight? You’ve gone as far as you can. You’ve worked hard and nourished people and projects, but now you are an empty well and have no reserves for others or for yourself. Don’t let your ego keep you going full speed when your body and spirit need rest. Exhaustion is calling you to stop what you’re doing altogether and take a break. If you don’t, the appearance of this card could portend a possible illness that stems from being totally overwhelmed. You will feel like a new person if you take that break. Do it now.

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