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Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

Hello Lovely Lightworkers! My name is Sara! I am a spiritual life & business coach, mind body wellness practitioner,  angel intuitive, certified angel card reader, earth angel realm reader, angel therapy counselor, fairyologist, and reiki master. 

1-on-1 Angel Guidance Sessions and Energy Healing Sessions available this week for you to receive personal communication from the angels about how to manifest abundance, embrace perfect health, and align with your divine life purpose. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to present your specific questions/concerns to the angels and receive accurate messages for you.  

Sending you lots of love and gratitude,
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Card #1: Lady Venus
Hearing high-pitched noises, seeing flickers of light and having the sense that beings are visiting you in your sleep are all signs that you are receiving ‘downloads’ from heaven. Whenever this is happening, spend some time in contemplation so that you can ask the universe what you really need to know. This card also represents downloads of information being received by your mind. Know that the universe sees you as capable of holding soul- centered information that will help you and others reach a new level of understanding.
Card #2: Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene
The angels provided two cards for you to clearly demonstrate you are supported by Divine Love. Its time to stand in your power and be a beacon of Light in the world. 

Archangel Michael says your angel team is with you now. You are not in this alone. You may be feeling sensitive or overwhelmed, but your angels are inviting you to take a step back so that they can come in and share their light of miracles. You may feel that your prayers aren’t heard, but that doubt blocks solutions from entering your life. Know that Archangel Michael and his legion of angels are here to help clear anything that’s not serving you so that you can allow in the miracles of change that you deserve.

Mary Magdalene acknowledges you have a strong desire to share what you have learned. You may feel people will dismiss you or ridicule you, but don’t worry – Mary Magdalene is here to guide you through this process. Your vulnerability is actually your greatest strength because you are trusting the power of your soul, and that part of you can never be broken. You are a wonderful teacher and leader and the world needs you. You are being backed by heaven, so step forwards and share all that you have learned.
Card #3: The Divine Director
Divine intervention is taking place at this time – what is occurring in your life is providing a real learning curve for your soul. You are becoming aware of a sense of purpose in your life. It gives you a sense of joy – it’s something that brings you pleasure rather than something you have to work for. Know that your career can complement your purpose but not define it. But the path you are on at this time is right, and the universe is encouraging you to move forwards.

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